Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She is my Sunshine

I registered my beautiful daughter for Kindergarten this week.  Where has the time gone???  I remember bringing her home from the hospital just yesterday!  Has it really been almost 5 years? She was so excited when I picked her up from her pre-k class and told her that I had gone to her new school to turn in all her kindergarten paperwork.  She lit up when I handed her a paper bag full of goodies...a new pencil with a pink eraser on top, a pair of safety scissors, a bookmark and crayons of course.  I told her there was a special workbook, too, full of activities that she can do.  She beamed, and I wanted to cry.  How can something so soft and tiny and precious grow so quickly into a sunny, funny girl?  As I choke back tears, she spreads her wings...standing on the brink of her childhood, gazing brightly into a world full of possibilities.  I can't help but think how quickly it is passing by.  She is my sunshine, a blessing from above, and I love watching her grow.

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