Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gardening with grandma

There's something amazing about warm spring days and digging in the dirt and planting seeds with the hope that they will grow into something beautiful.

I spent all day today running around with the kids and my mother in law looking for a planter for Natalie. You see, Natalie has a secret pal at church, and for Easter, she gave Natalie some garden accessories and seed starter kits. Was Nat ever excited!!!

So we decided to plant today. Natalie worked hard, digging, watering, pressing little seeds down in the dirt...she is so excited at the thought of what will grow.

I love her enthusiasm! I loved watching her there sharing a bond with her grandma and looking ahead to what will grow from her hard work. I am quite astounded at what she has become in these past five years. I am truly treasuring these days!

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